The Auen Foundation

Grant Guidelines

If you are inter­est­ed in apply­ing for a grant from the Auen Foun­da­tion, please send a two page let­ter, along with a copy of your 501( c )( 3 ) cer­tifi­cate, briefly describ­ing what your orga­ni­za­tion does, the pro­grams offered, the amount of grant sup­port you are seek­ing, and who the fund­ing will impact. Please also send a list of your cur­rent board mem­bers and oth­er fun­ders. The foun­da­tion Grant Com­mit­tee meets quar­ter­ly to eval­u­ate requests for fund­ing pro­grams. If the ini­tial review of your let­ter indi­cates a poten­tial match for the Auen Foun­da­tion, we will request more infor­ma­tion, such as a for­mal pro­pos­al, copy of your finan­cials, and pos­si­bly a site vis­it.



To be con­sid­ered for a grant, please com­plete the fol­low­ing grant appli­ca­tion. There are two sec­tions to this appli­ca­tion. Each sec­tion must be com­plet­ed sep­a­rate­ly and the total appli­ca­tion should be kept to a com­bined max­i­mum of 10 pages (exclud­ing attach­ments).

Sec­tion One — Agency Back­ground

  1. Con­tact Infor­ma­tion
    1. Date of Sub­mis­sion
    2. Name of Orga­ni­za­tion
    3. Address, phone num­ber, fax num­ber, e-mail address
    4. Name and title of per­son sub­mit­ting the appli­ca­tion
  2. Agency His­to­ry
    1. The mis­sion of the orga­ni­za­tion.
    2. Pri­ma­ry areas or focus.
    3. Brief his­to­ry of why the orga­ni­za­tion was found­ed.
    4. How many peo­ple ben­e­fit from the organization’s ser­vices per year?
  3. Agency Fund­ing
    1. Bud­get sum­ma­ry, includ­ing rev­enue sources con­tribut­ing to total rev­enues.
    2. If the orga­ni­za­tion receives any fed­er­al, state, or local gov­ern­ment fund­ing, please com­plete the fol­low­ing:
      • Iden­ti­fy gov­ern­ment enti­ties sup­ply­ing fund­ing.
      • Amount received from each gov­ern­ment enti­ty dur­ing the past two years and its per­cent­age of the bud­get.
      • Is it antic­i­pat­ed that such fund­ing would con­tin­ue?
    3. Detail for each year of the last two years the per­cent­age of agency bud­get (must add up to 100%) allo­cat­ed for:
      • Agency Admin­is­tra­tion (includ­ing: salaries, util­i­ties, rent, etc.)
      • Fundrais­ing Expens­es
      • Pro­gram Ser­vices
    4. How does the orga­ni­za­tion receive its finan­cial sup­port? (Explain fundrais­ing activ­i­ties, sources of rev­enues, spe­cial fund rais­ing events, endow­ments, etc.)
    5. List oth­er foun­da­tion sup­port for this orga­ni­za­tion and relat­ed amounts?
    6. How many employ­ees, includ­ing staff, are on the organization’s pay­roll? List all employ­ees’ com­pen­sa­tion in excess of $50,000 per year and cor­re­spond­ing com­pen­sa­tion.
    7. How do your Direc­tors con­tribute to your orga­ni­za­tion? What por­tion of annu­al rev­enues are con­tributed by mem­bers of the organization’s Board?
    8. Are there any time require­ments or oth­er con­straints placed upon the funds request­ed by the recip­i­ent? If so, please explain.
  4. Agency Orga­ni­za­tion
    1. How is the orga­ni­za­tion man­aged?
    2. How does the orga­ni­za­tion uti­lize vol­un­teers?
    3. Doc­u­ment­ed results of organization’s pro­grams or projects?
    4. How did you learn about the Auen Foun­da­tion?

Sec­tion Two — Grant Request
*Please begin Sec­tion Two on a new sheet.

  1. Amount request­ed (The Auen Foun­da­tion has no stat­ed min­i­mum or max­i­mum grant amount, how­ev­er the major­i­ty of our grants fall between $1,000 and $100,000).
  2. Describe in detail the pro­posed pro­gram and how the Foun­da­tion funds will be used.
  3. Explain who will be impact­ed by the pro­grams.
  4. Explain the expect­ed short and long-term ben­e­fits to the peo­ple impact­ed by the pro­gram fund­ed by this request.
  5. Explain how this expect­ed out­come will be mea­sured and doc­u­ment­ed.
  6. Has the orga­ni­za­tion applied for a grant from the Auen Foun­da­tion in the past? If so, when? What was the amount?

Attach­ments to be includ­ed with Grant Appli­ca­tion:

  • IRS let­ter of deter­mi­na­tion
  • Cur­rent annu­al bud­get
  • Request­ed pro­gram bud­get, present and past (two years)
  • Board of Direc­tors
  • Last two years audit­ed finan­cial state­ments (audit report should include bal­ance sheet and income and expense sum­ma­ry)

Sub­mit Com­plet­ed Requests To:
The Auen Foun­da­tion
P.O. Box 13390
Palm Desert, CA 92255–3390